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Marshawn Lynch talks acting and improsvising on Murderville: "It was straight off the rip"

  • "If you look at the roster, there’s some pretty heavy hitters," the former NFL running back tells The Hollywood Reporter of appearing on Will Arnett's new Netflix comedy series. "And they know I’m probably the greenest out of everybody. This is what they’ll tell you: 'This is the direction we’re going in,' and kind of, 'Follow the lead'-type sh*t, and it’s like, 'All right, but what lead is that?' And it’s like, 'Oh, well, once we call action, you’ll get it' — like, what the f*ck?! (Laughs.)" Were there second takes? "There was a second take if something happened where they were supposed to get something in and it didn’t come up just based off of either my reaction or the reaction of other actors to something that I said or did would carry us into a different direction," says Lynch. "But other than that, it was straight off the rip. What you get is what you get!" Lynch also talked acting in general after guest appearances on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The League and Westworld. "When I got into it, it was more so just to have fun," he says. "I’d really say it was like experiencing some shit that I never experience before, which was acting on the screen, you know, and really just playing out childhood dreams. Like I think about when I was a youth, I’m like, 'Oh, that sh*t would look fun to do. Oh man, if I was in that, I would do something like this or something like that.' So now I’m in a position where If I just think it or speak it into existence, that shit will kinda happen. I like to have fun, but at the same time I’m not looking at the acting like, 'Oh, it’s challenging. I want a challenge,' this, that and the third. Nah. F*ck that. If it’s something that it looks like I’ll enjoy doing it, then yeah I’ll rock like that."

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