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Jessica Szohr wonders if Ed Westwick’s accusers are “stretching the truth”

  • Szhor tells Cosmopolitan she has known her former Gossip Girl co-star "for years and know how lovely he is, and don’t think he would ever put someone in a position like that. It’s difficult, because you don’t want someone you know to go through that or do that to someone, or knowing them well, knowing that you don’t think they would, and you don’t want, for the girls that are coming forward, it’s like, are they stretching the truth? But I know him well and I’ve known him for years, and I found it shocking. And I hope that it’s untrue, but I also feel bad for anyone that’s been in that situation, for the women that have to deal with that, for the situations that are true.”

    TOPICS: Gossip Girl (2007 Series), Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Sexual Misconduct