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Hulu’s Chance starring Hugh Laurie just ended its second season with few even noticing

  • “If you watched it, well, there weren't many like you,” says Tim Goodman. “And if there were, everybody remained awfully silent Now, in 2017 it's not super difficult to have a series people have never heard of. That's the nature of Peak TV. There's so much of it — so relentlessly, endlessly much of it — that people not only can't watch all of it, they can't remember — or never even see the names of — the shows they are not watching. It's a brutal environment. And yes, also thrilling — look at all the choices we've got! But in an era of too much choice and, specifically, too many good choices, things are going to get lost. Was Chance the most lost?”

    TOPICS: Hulu, Chance, Hugh Laurie, Peak TV