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Former Daily Show head writer David Javerbaum: Tweeting as God really is like shooting heroin

  • Javerbaum, who has 6.2 million followers on his @TheTweetOfGod Twitter account, recently launched the Godcast podcast to expand his relationship playing The Almighty God. Javerbaum had previously compared the experience of pretending to be God as being like shooting heroin. "Yes," he says in a rare interview, with The Daily Beast, "the experience of not tweeting for a year is like heroin withdrawal. So you’re damned either way. It’s just very addicting. And I think that’s true for any person who’s looking to be funny. If you’re looking to be funny, by definition you want to get laughs, you want to get approval, you want to feel appreciated. And with Twitter you have that happen immediately and calculably and you see the number and you can see the relative number compared to previous things you’ve done. Is it better? Is it worse? And it’s absolute heroin for comedic sensibilities, particularly if you’re weak and insecure to begin with, like many of us are and like I certainly am."

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