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For All Mankind co-creator: The Cold War has become more relevant since we premiered in 2019

  • Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi offered a first look at Season of their Apple TV+ alternative history series to EW. "When we premiered, this idea of a Cold War was very foreign to our younger viewers, and the idea that by season 3 it's become almost more relevant than ever is fascinating — also when it comes to the space race, the reignited interest in missions to the moon that NASA is doing, the private space industry, to Mars, and even some of the locations on the moon and Mars that we've looked at in terms of where to land, where to go," says Wolpert. "We find ourselves many times interacting with real research that's happening in real time right now. We're seeing footage that's coming back from Mars — the colors and the feel, the texture, the rocks — and we're incorporating that into the show through the visual effects and everything in real time. We're telling the story of an alternate history, but we speak to what's actually happening in the present more and more as the show gets further and further into this alternate future."

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