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David Cassidy proved he could really act on The Partridge Family, making him the biggest star in the world for two years

  • “A lot of what we credit as good acting is just charisma. But here’s how you know Cassidy could act: Watch him sing,” says Amy Argetsinger. “The songs on The Partridge Family were so lame (I’m sorry, it’s true), but Cassidy owned them. He’d be fake-performing with his TV siblings — a whole passel of younger, cuter faces on the stage with him — but while they stood there basically inert with their unplugged instruments, big brother Keith Partridge was totally rocking out.” She adds, however, that Cassidy's teen heartthrob status didn't last that long, and he would have to travel the path teen idols usually follow who try to sustain their popularity. ALSO: Daughter Katie Cassidy stars on Arrow and son Beau competed on The Voice.

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