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DJ Qualls found a connection with coming out and his Supernatural character

  • “That was a really hard thing I had been dragging around,” Qualls, who came out as gay earlier this month, says of not living openly. “I had been reinforced by a lot of people in the entertainment industry who either told me not to do it or said really negative things in front of me when I was a young actor that assured me it wasn’t cool to be myself and if I wanted this job I couldn’t be that. Now we’re in a place where it’s a different world — and newly so. So when I was on set, I really did make that parallel. Garth is also ‘other’ in this world, and he loves these people that he wants to love him back, and it’s a really beautiful thing in the way that the boys and Garth have been able to navigate that. I want that for the rest of us in this world: ‘I’m not like you, but I love you anyway.'”

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