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Brad Falchuk recounts his coronavirus experience: "It felt like being thrown off a motorcycle and skidding across the asphalt"

  • Glee, American Horror Story, The Politician and Pose co-creator Falchuk, who is married to Gwyneth Paltrow, posted a lengthy Twitter thread this afternoon detailing his experience with coronavirus in early March. "It hurt to lie down. It hurt to move. My fevers were low but my nerves were on fire," he tweeted. "The first week was anguish. The second week was a haze. The third week was exhaustion. I am a very healthy 49 year old man. Running up hills is a hobby of mine - and the first night of symptoms I had trouble breathing. I'm telling you this because I'm sure some 25 yr olds will say I was symptomatic because of my age.  Bullsh*t. This thing will come hard at anyone.  As for long term effects, I still can't taste anything and everything smells like burnt cinnamon. The virus fried the nerves of my sinuses. I may get my taste back, I may not. Everything may not smell like Santa's fireplace one day, maybe it will. But if you go out without a mask today you're risking never really enjoying food again. I understand the mentality of young people - in your heart you know Covid isn't going to kill you. The stats say you're probably right. But there are other issues that you could have to deal with. We don't know the long term effects of getting it. I consider myself one of the lucky ones." Falchuk adds: "This isn't complicated. Wear a mask. If you go for a run or a hike, wear one you can pull down when no one is nearby. There are lots of cool ones on the market now! Every time you put one on before you go out, you're saving lives."

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