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Austin Rogers is precisely the person who isn’t supposed to win Jeopardy!

  • The unusual Jeopardy! contestant — who was recently spotted partying with Jimmy Fallon — is “a showman,” says Lawrence Selden. “When he had to reply to a clue with ‘the Eagles,’ he grumbled. When he aced a Daily Double, he punched his arm across his body in exaltation And then there’s his banter with host Alex Trebek. Clearly each has boundless contempt for the other. Trebek can’t stand Austin’s jokes. Austin can’t stand Trebek’s presentation. When a sneering Trebek asked Rogers how he ‘got to be so smart,’ Rogers deadpanned: ‘Genetics. Luck. Karma’ What about school?, Trebek asked. Pfft, Austin replied.” ALSO: Rogers’ commitment to the bit is impressive.

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