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Another woman alleges Jeremy Piven sexually assaulted her on the Entourage set

  • Anastasia Taneie tells Buzzfeed she was 23 and working as an extra on the HBO series in April 2009 when Piven allegedly grabbed her breasts and genitals in a dark hallway as he forcefully pushed her up against a wall. “I was scared at the time nobody was going to believe me. I didn’t want to make a scene. I just wanted to go home,” she says. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced.” Buzzfeed also says it spoke to two other women who claim to have had sexual misconduct experiences with Piven dating back to 1995. When contacted about Taneie’s allegation, Piven said in a statement: “Let me be absolutely clear, this simply did not happen. I would never force myself on a woman. I cannot speak as to why a person would create a story like this.” The new allegations follow three other allegations of sexual misconduct. Piven's first accuser, Ariane Bellamar, alleged that he groped her in his trailer on the Entourage set in 2005.

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