WATCH: Ellen Unironically Brings Back "Staff Scares"

  • "Look what we did to our poor staff."

    That's not exactly a line you'd want to begin a segment with if you've recently come under fire for how badly you treat your employees, but Ellen DeGeneres did just that on her show Wednesday while introducing a video package showing her doing her "jump-scare unsuspecting people" bit for Halloween. 

    Turns out she had a guy in a scary mask harrass her staff in the parking lot, while they scream things like "Stop it!" and "I don't like it!" and "Oh my god, I hate you guys!"

    Even her co-host Stephen "tWitch" Boss seemed a little tense when DeGeneres insisted they needed to scare him. "You don't, though. You don't need to." True, that's a standard reaction to silly Halloween scare threats, but maybe she's also being a bit tone-deaf.

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