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New Girl's Lamorne Morris Gets Woke in New Hulu Comedy

ALSO: America's Got Talent, LA's Finest, The Social Dilemma, Hacking Your Mind, and more.
  • Lamorne Morris stars as a man who suddenly see life's injustices with clear eyes in Woke. (Hulu)
    Lamorne Morris stars as a man who suddenly see life's injustices with clear eyes in Woke. (Hulu)

    As Primetimer's LaToya Ferguson writes, Hulu's Woke kicks off today with a premise season that whets our appetite for more. Whether or not we'll ever get that more is uncertain, especially after the streamer's surprising cancelation of another promising freshman dramedy, High Fidelity. Also today: the results are in on America's Got Talent, L.A.'s Finest debuts its delayed second season, and The Social Dilemma sifts through the wreckage wrought by social media. Here's what's new and noteworthy on TV this Wednesday:

    SERIES PREMIERE: The Hulu series Woke follows Keef (Lamorne Morris) a Black cartoonist whose uncontroversial work is poised to go mainstream until an unjust run-in with the police sets him on a new path. Read our review. Streaming on Hulu

    NEW EPISODE: Wednesday night means it's results show time on America's Got Talent, with last night's semi-finalists learning who will be advancing to the finals. 8:00 PM ET on NBC

    COMPLETE SECOND SEASON: Spectrum's Bad Boys spinoff LA's Finest was set to return in June before being abruptly pulled when current events made the police drama feel ill-timed. Apparently deciding that the "right" time may never come, the service is dropping the entire 13-episode second season today. Watch the trailer. Streaming on Spectrum

    NEW EPISODE: The Big Brother live feeds have been lit up this week, and it all starts with the aftermath of Christmas nominating Bayleigh and Da'Vonne for eviction. How much of the business with Tyler offering to leave the show to keep them both in the house will be shown on the episode is a big question heading into tonight. 8:00 PM ET on CBS

    NEW EPISODE: Love Island shook everything up last night by introducing 10 new Islanders. Can rock-solid couple Cely and Johnny weather this latest storm of drama? 9:00 PM ET on CBS

    DOCUMENTARY PREMIERE: As the internet and social media become increasingly intertwined with our everyday lives, the makers of The Social Dilemma sit down with Silicon Valley insiders who once saw these platforms as a source of good, but no longer feel that way today. Watch the trailer. Streaming on Netflix

    SERIES PREMIERE: The PBS series Hacking Your Mind looks at the ways our brains are hardwired to behave in certain ways, and how our unconscious actions may not always offer the best approach. Watch the preview. 10:00 PM ET on PBS

    REUNION EPISODE: Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Season 10 reunion finds the ladies reconvening on Zoom to rehash their latest exploits with host Andy Cohen. 9:00 PM ET on Bravo

    SERIES PREMIERE: Following in the footsteps of Marie Kondo, Get Organized with The Home Edit promises to change viewer's lives by showing them how they can reorganize their homes just like Retta and Reese Witherspoon (who is also a producer). Watch the trailer. Streaming on Netflix

    Mike Attebery is Senior Editor at Primetimer and the author of seven mystery thrillers. Follow him on Twitter at @mikeattebery.

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