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Recommended: Woke Season 2 on Hulu

The politically engaged series continues to skewer our moment with a deft blend of comic tones.
  • Lamorne Morris in Woke (Photo: Mark Hill/Hulu)
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    Woke Season 2 | Hulu
    Half-hour Comedy (8 episodes) | TV-MA

    What's new and what's changed?

    Last season, Black cartoonist Keef Knight was happy to keep politics out of his comic strip, but he was forced to reconsider after a run-in with the SFPD, who mistook him for a suspect. Events eventually pushed him into a much brighter spotlight, and Season 2 follows his attempts to make use of that platform.

    This year, we see less of the conceit that inanimate objects — from a trash can to a bottle of malt liquor — will speak up to Keef offering unsolicited advice. The human beings are now just as provocative as the things, and Keef emerges as a Seinfeldian character: cool-headed next to those around him, yet roiling under the surface as he navigates the strange world of activism.

    Who's involved?

    Lamorne Morris returns as Keef, and the rest of the ensemble remains tight. T. Murph and Blake Anderson (Workaholics) are Keef's appealingly dumb roommates Clovis and Gunther. Sasheer Zamata (SNL) is his nemesis-turned-ally Ayana, who becomes his guide to the inner rings of Bay Area radicalism. And in an intriguing new role, Aimee Garcia plays Laura, a wealthy benefactor.

    Why (and to whom) do we recommend it?

    Woke's tonal diversity lets it deftly segue from knowing jabs at political correctness (Ayana is working on a roundup of “The Bay Area’s Wokest Wines”) to spot-on insights about social problems to good old bro comedy with Clovis and Gunther. It’s a different kind of coming-of-age comedy. The journey of Keef Knight from apolitical kid just trying to make his way in the world to Man With a Platform is highly watchable, and Woke’s observations about a political climate that seems to make people lose their damn minds are pleasingly trenchant.

    Pairs well with

    • Dave Chappelle’s The Closer (Netflix). Will Smith showed us that the only thing we have to fear from dangerous comedy is the reaction.
    • Baskets (Hulu). Surprisingly deep for a drag sitcom, it features the late great Louie Anderson as Ma Baskets and a fantastic double role for Zach Galifiniakis, who co-created the show with, sigh, Louis C.K.

  • Woke (Season 2)
    All eight episodes drop April 8 on Hulu.
    Created by: Keith Knight and Marshall Todd.
    Starring: Lamorne Morris, Sasheer Zamata, Blake Anderson, T. Murph, Aimee Garcia, J.B. Smoove, Rose McIver, and Marquita Goings.

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