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Lamorne Morris: How Woke getting shut down three times over COVID affected Season 2

  • “We were scheduled to be there for two months and it took us a little over three,” Morris tells Variety of returning to Atlanta finish out his Hulu comedy's second season, which premiered Friday. “The shutdowns weren’t long, the problem with those shutdowns is scheduling for other things, for other folks who have to be other places for other projects.” Morris adds: “I won’t say it affected anything story-wise. But there is a certain momentum and energy you have when you’re performing and you’re getting into a rhythm with cast and crew. It affected us production-wise. People going down with COVID, replacement folks that are stepping onto the set for the first time — I mean, literally for the first time — people in positions that hadn’t been in those positions before, having to pick up the slack for someone who is a veteran, who couldn’t be there because of COVID. So it definitely had its restraints. But I think when you’ve got some great leadership at the top, and our producers are pretty understanding folks and pretty experienced people and really good at what they do, we made it work.”

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