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Meghan McCain Asks Why 'Consequence Culture' Hasn't Come for 'Racist' Vogue Magazine

"I'm not a fashion person, at all," said McCain, before proceeding to criticize Jill Biden's Vogue cover look.
  • Meghan McCain blasted Vogue and Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour on The View today. (Photo: ABC)
    Meghan McCain blasted Vogue and Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour on The View today. (Photo: ABC)

    Meghan McCain may have a personal relationship with Dr. Jill Biden, but she's not a fan of the first lady's recent appearance on the cover of Vogue Magazine. During a Hot Topics discussion about the cover — which quickly fired up Republicans who insisted that Melania Trump deserved a cover story, as well — McCain reminded viewers of Vogue's "very problematic history," and she asked why "consequence culture" has yet to come for Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. "I just really hope that Vogue really starts to reconcile their deep, intense, racist legacy."

    "Look, I have been done with Vogue ever since they put out a very racist cover with LeBron James and Gisele on the cover where he's meant to look like an ape holding a woman," said McCain on Wednesday morning. "Vogue has a very, very problematic history, as you can read about in Andre Leon Talley's book [The Chiffon Trenches: A Memoir] ... Anna Wintour has a long history of not putting models on her covers — of not putting people of color, of having a very problematic image for women to look to. Anna Wintour and Vogue are one of the reasons why we have a lot of toxicity in the fashion industry."

    "I would actually like some of the 'accountability culture' or 'consequence culture,' as Sunny calls it, to actually finally filter to Vogue Magazine and Anna Wintour," she continued. "And you don't have to believe me, you can just watch The Devil Wears Prada."

    As far as Biden's cover story is concerned, McCain explained that conservatives are upset because Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush were never in Vogue, either. "There's just no space, no matter how fashionable you are — and I was not a fan, obviously, of the Trump family, and I was not a fan of Melania Trump's, but no one can negate the fact that she was a fashionable first lady," she said. "So, if your magazine's just about fashion you should have just put her on the cover."

    In a brief aside that was met with laughs on Twitter, the co-host noted that she's "not a fashion person," before launching into a criticism of Biden's look. "I don't love the dress she's in. I would've loved to see her really fashioned up in an elegant gown or something more akin to what they did with Hillary Clinton on the cover when she was first lady. So, all of this is a miss for me," said McCain. "First families are our royalty. She's a symbol of what's great about America. She's almost a regal figure for me, Dr. Biden, so I would prefer if she'd be presented that way, as well."

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