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Meghan McCain Drags 'White Liberals' for 'Supporting Socialism Over Capitalism' During Cuba Discussion

"Talking about socialism or communism" in a positive way, said McCain, "Is not only dangerous, but also asininely stupid."
  • Meghan McCain kicked off her final few weeks on The View with yet another monologue about socialism. (Photo: ABC)
    Meghan McCain kicked off her final few weeks on The View with yet another monologue about socialism. (Photo: ABC)

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    Meghan McCain's days are numbered at The View, but that won't stop her from singing the greatest hits. On Monday, The View's first live show since McCain announced her departure on July 1, the conservative co-host dragged Sen. Bernie Sanders and his progressive faction for "praising people like Fidel Castro" while ignoring ongoing protests in Cuba. "Even a kernel of talking about socialism or communism in any way, in a positive place in the United States of America, is not only dangerous, but is also asininely stupid," she said. "I think we're seeing in real-time the ramifications of that."

    When it came time for her to sound off on the unprecedented protests in Cuba, McCain insisted that the situation is "political" in both Cuba and the United States. "We have people like Bernie Sanders who have praised Fidel Castro and said that it was, 'Unfair to condemn a communist regime,'" she said. "We have a party in the Democratic Party where white liberal Democrats statistically define their party 44% to 36% as supporting socialism over capitalism. While Hispanic Americans in this country support capitalism 47% to 28%."

    "We saw this huge shift with Hispanic support in the 2020 election cycles. President Trump grew Hispanic support. The Republican Party grew Hispanic support in the Senate and in Congress," continued McCain. "When you have a party like the Democratic Party that has people like Bernie Sanders leading it and a faction of the party praising people like Fidel Castro — Hispanic Americans and Cuban Americans, a lot of times, have fled regimes like that and don't want it to come here."

    Elsewhere on The View... The ladies had a field day with Richard Branson's historic space flight, and things quickly took a turn for the NSFW as they discussed the shape of his rocket. "There was a time when men overcompensated with fast cars, and now, it's all about the size of their space ship," said Sara Haines. "I can't help but just go to, of course this is a bunch of rich men racing to another planet."

    "Here's the truth," added Whoopi Goldberg a few minutes later. "When you look at both of those rockets — and I would encourage anyone who is curious to take a look at Jeff Bezos' rocket, take a look at the rocket that Branson put together — it is unmistakably male. When you see these rockets you think, 'Oh, wow! Oh my God!' Yes, yes, when you see it."

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    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the TV Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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