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Lisa Ling Dings Biden's COVID Response: 'Show Us Some Leadership'

Ling returned to The View this morning after nearly 20 years away from the panel.
  • Lisa Ling, who co-hosted The View from 1999-2002, returned to the panel today for a special "Flashback Friday" episode. (Photo: ABC)
    Lisa Ling, who co-hosted The View from 1999-2002, returned to the panel today for a special "Flashback Friday" episode. (Photo: ABC)

    After nearly 20 years away from the panel, Lisa Ling returned to The View Friday morning for the show's second "Flashback Friday" episode. After reflecting on her time on the show — and leaving her mark as a "sexually repressed Asian girl" — Ling offered her take on the day's biggest topics, including the recent confusion over COVID-19 vaccine booster shots. In a somewhat surprising move, the former co-host praised Trump for speaking to the American people on TV in the early days of the pandemic (despite the fact that he often spewed misleading or downright false information), and she encouraged President Biden to do the same. "Just regular communication would be nice," said Ling. "Our leaders are there to lead, so show us some leadership."

    Ling's remark came during a Hot Topics discussion about the FDA meeting with advisors to discuss booster shots and the confusion surrounding who needs one, and when. "Does the White House need to do a better job getting clear message out, or should people just ask their doctor?" fill-in moderator Joy Behar asked the panel. Sunny Hostin said that she would like to hear from Dr. Fauci, but because "the right has demonized" him, the White House is in the difficult position of deciding how much to feature him on television."But that's the problem," replied Ling. "There really hasn't been regular communication. As hyperbolic and bombastic as Trump was, he was on TV every day communicating—"

    "Giving wrong information," interrupted Behar, as she shot the former co-host a look.

    Ling initially backtracked, noting that Behar is "right," but she then continued on with her point that "regular communication" from the White House would be helpful for Americans. "It doesn't have to be Biden. It doesn't even have to be Fauci. Francis Collins, the head of the NIH, who is also a very strong Christian man of God — he's someone who I'd like to hear from because there's just so much confusing information."

    After Ana Navarro said that she's "really happy we don't have the regular communication from Trump" anymore, as she doesn't "need a president telling [her] to inject bleach," Ling implored the Biden administration to be transparent about the booster. "Communicate — the transparency piece of all of this has been missing from Day One," she said. "And even if you don't know the answers, be communicative about that."

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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