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Abby Huntsman Does Damage Control After Dissing The View's 'Toxic' Environment

The former co-host praised The View's behind-the-scenes staff in her return to the panel Friday morning.
  • Former co-host Abby Huntsman returned to The View Friday morning for the first time since leaving the show in early 2020. (Photo: ABC)
    Former co-host Abby Huntsman returned to The View Friday morning for the first time since leaving the show in early 2020. (Photo: ABC)

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    Less than a month after Abby Huntsman called out the "toxic" environment at The View, the former co-host sang a different tune when she returned to the table Friday morning. In her first appearance on The View since her early 2020 departure, Huntsman praised the show's behind-the-scenes staff, who she insisted "don't get involved in any of the nonsense" viewers see on-screen. "I am back here today because I have friends I will have for the rest of my life," she said. "I had days on this show that were very much a dream for me, and memories I will cherish forever."

    Given the recent drama surrounding Huntsman, the ex-co-host seemed determined to launder her image right off the bat this morning. "It's fun to be back, and I do miss so much of the show," said Huntsman, when Joy Behar asked if she misses the panel. "I've opened up more about why I left and what happened, and the problem with media today is it's so black and white. I'm a very nuanced person ... my politics are nuanced, the way I live my life is more nuanced, and my journey on this show wasn't one extreme or the other."

    "There were some tough days, and there were executives here at the time and people here at the time that made too many of my days too difficult," she continued. "But all of them are gone. And you guys lived a lot of that with me. I think all of them are gone now."

    Huntsman's remark gave Behar an opportunity to throw a bit of shade at Meghan McCain, who came out with her own claims about The View's toxic environment just a few days before Huntsman. "Well, I miss some of them," said Behar. "I don't miss — the panel's perfect now."

    "I did miss you, Joy," said Huntsman, as the co-hosts and audience laughed. The former co-host went on to say that she does look back fondly on her time at The View, particularly when it comes to her close relationships with the staff. "That's what this show's about. There have been people here from the very beginning, and they are the ones that don't get involved in any of the nonsense," said Huntsman. "They are the best part of the show, and it's why the show's still iconic. They deserve all the praise in the world. I loved so much of the staff on this show."

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