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Somebody Explain to Tiffany Haddish What "Vamp" Means

  • At the Verizon Super Bowl post-game Big Concert for Small Business, host Tiffany Haddish was asked to vamp, a traditional Hollywood term for 'kill some time.' Haddish's career path being so unorthodox, it appears the old school lingo doesn't resonate with her new-school style. 

    "What the f**k does 'vamp' mean, yo?" she asks her crew as she's handling the introduction for H.E.R., who apparently wasn't quite set up yet. "They asked me to vamp. I don't know what vamp means. To me, vamp means 'be a vampire,' and/or 'vamporate,' like slowly disappear, and/or 'elaborate?' Maybe that's the word they should've used? Elaborate?"

    After finishing her introduction, they still weren't ready, much to Haddish's frustration. "Oh, you want more vamp? They need more vamp, so hold up on H.E.R.. You're talkin' like... I don't know... you all got to communicate with me in proper English, okay? They're in my ear. I'm gonna tell 'em, I'm gonna keep it 100 with y'all. They told me I need to be more 'cool.' What the — does that mean? I'm the coolest! Every time I walk around kids, they be like 'oh, Tiff, you're so cool!'"

    Eventually she got through it. And for what it's worth, asking what 'vamp' means still counts as a legitimate form of vamping.

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