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Chelsea Handler Tells Ellen Why She Shoplifts From Hudson News

  • Chelsea Handler and Ellen DeGeneres bonded over their shared impatience issues in an interview set to air Thursday on <i>Ellen</i>. While DeGeneres blamed her backstage troubles on her own impatience a few weeks back, Handler says hers manifest in the need to shoplift.

    Recalling a conversation she had with her therapist, Handler described being at the airport. "I go into the Hudson bookstellers store... The slowness of that transaction, the slowness of the person who's working behind the desk who is never there — they're never there. It's like 'are you a koala bear or a person?' You know, they're half-asleep, they're half-helping you."

    Her therapist asked what she does in those situations. "I have to shoplift!," she responded. "He said 'you can't be serious,' and he looked at me and I was like 'oh, no, is that more white privilege?' and he said 'no, Chelsea, white people aren't even doing that.'"

    Handler returns to the standup stage after a six year hiatus in Chelsea Hander: Evolution, dopping today on HBO Max.

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