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Ten New Shows and Movies to Watch on Netflix in June 2022

Jennifer Lopez, Melissa McCarthy, and Adam Sandler headline another banner month for Big Red.
  • Photos: Netflix
    Photos: Netflix

    Picking up where it left off last week with the premiere of Stranger Things 4, the month of June is set to see several long-awaited returns on Netflix, including new seasons of Peaky Blinders and Danish political drama Borgen, The Umbrella Academy Season 3, and a new Money Heist spinoff that hopes to build on Squid Game's success. Plus: Jennifer Lopez tells all, Adam Sander gets serious, and Melissa McCarthy returns to series TV. Here are the new releases and returning series we're most looking forward to this June on Netflix:

    Borgen: Power & Glory (NEW season)

    Nearly a decade has passed since the critically acclaimed Danish political drama Borgen aired its third season. Former primer minister Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) is the newly appointed minister for foreign affairs when she becomes embroiled in an international power struggle after oil is discovered in Greenland. Elsewhere, Birgitte’s former head of press, Katrine Fønsmark (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen), has returned to TV journalism and is now the head of a news department. Birgitte survived her time at the top but will this challenge prove to be too great?

    Available June 2

    Mr. Good: Cop or Crook? (NEW series)

    Netflix's latest true-crime docuseries looks at the case against Norway’s most famous cop, Eirik Jensen. Is Jensen the most significant drug trafficker in Scandanavian history? It's a story that has gripped Norway since 2013 and goes back as far as the ‘90s but which side is telling the truth?

    Available June 3

    Floor is Lava, Season 2

    The first season of Floor is Lava debuted early in the pandemic and was a much-needed slice of frivolity. Now the game show (yes, it's adapted from the children's game of the same name) is back, and the course has evolved to include a slippery volcano of its own. Contestants talk a big game, but how many will make it across to win the $10,000 prize?

    Available June 3

    Hustle (NEW film)

    Playing a basketball scout who is down on his luck, Adam Sandler is dipping his toe back in the drama pool — or should that be court? Stanley Sugarman (Sandler) discovers a talented player abroad with a checkered past and goes against his team’s wishes to prove this is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. Queen Latifah, Ben Foster, and Robert Duvall co-star.

    Available June 8

    Peaky Blinders, Season 6

    Steven Knight’s British gangster drama returns for its sixth and final season with Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) faceing several threats, including the rise of fascism, his cousin Michael (Finn Cole), and his own personal demons. The real-life loss of Helen McCrory, who played the matriarch-like figure Polly, will also be addressed, with producers promising that her presence is felt throughout the six-episode run. Guest stars include Anya Taylor-Joy returning as Michael’s American wife Gina, Sam Claflin as Oswald Mosley, and Peaky newcomer Stephen Graham.

    Available June 10

    Jennifer Lopez: Halftime (NEW film)

    Staging and preparation for the Super Bowl halftime show is just one element of this new intimate look at Jennifer Lopez’s life and career. Halftime sees the superstar reflect on her one of a kind career, including new candid comments about the Oscar nomination she didn’t receive for Hustlers. Lopez’s romantic life has been under the spotlight for nearly 30 years, and Ben Affleck will make an appearance. Let’s get loud!

    Available June 14

    God’s Favorite Idiot (NEW series)

    Romance and the apocalypse are entwined in the new eight-part comedy series starring IRL married couple Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. Clark Thompson (Falcone) finds love with co-worker Amy Luck (McCarthy) at the exact same time that God has decided to make Clark his mouthpiece. Not ideal, and neither is the arrival of some rather sketchy-looking foes. Plus, a Gilmore Girls reunion!

    Available June 15

    Spiderhead (NEW film)

    Chris Hemsworth plays visionary Steve Abnesti, who takes his pharmaceutical experiments too far in a state-of-the-art penitentiary facility. Playing God with prisoners to test out cutting-edge drugs crosses a line, which sees inmates Jeff (Miles Teller) and Lizzy (Jurnee Smollett) push back after forming a connection. Can they escape?

    Available June 17

    The Umbrella Academy, Season 3

    After preventing another end of the world scenario at the end of Season 2, the superhero siblings return home from 1963 to discover their home is now called the Sparrow Academy. Their brother Ben (Justin H. Min) is alive, and there is another gifted group in their place. Can they put their pre-doomsday world back in order? And what will happen if they encounter another version of themselves in this new timeline? Expect bigger fights, a soundtrack stuffed full of hits, and more shenanigans as they try once more to prevent the world's end.

    Available June 22

    Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area (NEW series)

    Grab your red boiler suit: one of Netflix’s biggest hits is getting a Korean spin-off that imagines a world where the Korean peninsula faces reunification. Set in the fictional Joint Economic Area, this new venture quickly proves far more beneficial for some. The cast boasts familiar faces including Lost’s Yunjin Kim, Park Hae-soo from monster hit Squid Game and Park Myung-hoon from Oscar-winning Parasite.

    Available June 24

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