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Ten New and Returning Shows To Watch on Netflix in March 2020

It's another busy month for the streamer, from new seasons of Ozark and Elite to fresh reality concepts.
  • Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman and David Chang are among the familiar faces with projects hitting Netflix this month.
    Octavia Spencer, Jason Bateman and David Chang are among the familiar faces with projects hitting Netflix this month.

    With new shows debuting on Netflix nearly every day, it's hard to keep up with what's new and noteworthy. The month of March alone is set to see the streamer launch new seasons of TV from at least 25 new and returning original shows. (And that doesn't include all of Netflix's original movies and licensed content.) What's an overwhelmed couch potato to do? Not to worry, we've got you covered. 

    Here are ten new seasons bowing on Netflix this month to keep on your radar:

    Babylon Berlin, Season 3

    The first two seasons of the big budget German import Babylon Berlin earned accolades from our Primetimer's Aaron Barnhart last year. Former Russian aristocracy, Bolsheviks, and corrupt cops were some of the figures police inspector Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) and assistant Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries) previously faced off against. Both have secrets, Rath self-medicated using morphine to alleviate WWI-induced PTSD, Charlotte tried to support her family on meager wages while earning extra money in the basement at the Moka Efti nightclub. Season 3 takes them behind the scenes of the German movie industry after an actress is murdered on set. Part crime mystery, part social commentary, with a dash of Cabaret-style dance and music sequences, the gripping series' lavish budget is on clear display.
    Available March 1

    Ugly Delicious, Season 2

    Chef Dave Chang returns for Season 2 of Ugly Delicious, traveling across the globe to explore the cuisines that bind people together. Impending fatherhood leads Chang down a family-focused route, which sees him preparing food for a much younger crowd. This season’s special guests include Nick Kroll, Aziz Ansari, Padma Lakshmi, food writers Helen Rosner and Chris Ying, Danny McBride, Bill Simmons, and artist Dave Choe. Part travelogue, part history, and part cooking inspiration, Ugly Delicious uses food to break down cultural barriers.
    Available March 6

    Élite, Season 3

    The horny murder teens are back! The killer was caught, but the charges didn't stick, due to lack of evidence — including the still-missing murder weapon — with the explosive second season ending with Polo (Álvaro Rico) making a dramatic return to school. After getting close to the truth, and in a bid to get his non-murderer brother out of prison, Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) formed a plan with former-nemesis Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) to catch the real killers of Marina, a plan that involved faking Samuel’s disappearance. Several newcomers will be joining the exclusive Las Encinas school fray, but they'll have to contend with Instagram scammers, daughters of drug dealers, and an incest storyline.
    Available March 13

    Kingdom, Season 2

    Based on the web comic The Kingdom of Gods, Kingdom is back with its unique blend of political conspiracy and undead thrills. Set in 16th-century Joseon Korea, this is a zombie tale like no other, adding a historical setting to the popular horror sub-genre. Zombies are often allegorical (see George A. Romero) and the undead aren't the only monsters depicted. Not only are the zombies fast, but the parallel power struggle provides an extra layer of tension. As with another familiar fantasy series, winter is coming, and the dead are not going to fall easily.
    Available March 13

    The Valhalla Murders - New series

    The Scandinavian crime TV series boom has receded somewhat, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for Netflix’s first Icelandic co-production. With a scenic snowy backdrop, this eight-part series serves up the classic reluctant partners dynamic: police profiler Arnar (Björn Thors) is sent back to his native Iceland from his post in Copenhagen to assist local senior cop Kata (Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir) when the bodies keep on stacking up. The country’s first serial killer case is a puzzling affair — the only connection the murders share is a now-abandoned boys’ home called Valhalla. Oh, and this place was the scene of a horrific crime 35 years ago. Old wounds cut deep, but will The Valhalla Murders be able to step out of the long shadow cast by Forbrydelsen and Bron/Broen?
    Available March 13

    100 Humans - New series

    Netflix has been mostly mum about its latest social experiment, which comes hot off the heels of The Circle and Love is Blind. Taking 100 volunteers (or "hardy souls" as Netflix describes them) from diverse backgrounds, "playful experiments" will explore age, sex, happiness, and other aspects that make us human — to see how similar (or different) we actually are.
    Available March 13

    Feel Good - New series

    Comedian Mae Martin has previously discussed addiction as part of her stand-up set (which you can see in her Comedians of the World special), but now she's bringing this personal tale to life in a new semi-autobiographical series. In Feel Good, Martin plays a comic on the rise who is dealing with an addictive personality when it comes to both drugs and love. Can she experience a non-toxic version of the latter? Mae embarks on a new romance with George (Charlotte Ritchie), a woman who has previously only been in heterosexual relationships. Darkly comic, Feel Good explores the highs and lows of being with someone. while grappling with addiction and sexuality. In a casting coup, Lisa Kudrow co-stars as Mae’s mom.
    Available March 19

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness - New series

    Netflix has carved out a space for bizarre true-crime docuseries that get people talking, whether it's the controversial Don’t F**k With Cats or the gripping Evil Genius. Now comes the disturbing tale of Joe Maldonado-Passage — aka Joe Exotic — and a murder-for-hire plot. You might recognize Joe Exotic from the 2011 Louis Theroux BBC film America’s Most Dangerous Pets featuring his Oklahoma animal park that housed 150 tigers. From the executive producer of Netflix’s Fyre Fest doc Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, this docuseries may well be your next true-crime binge.
    Available March 20

    Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker - New series

    This star-studded four-part limited series tells the story of America’s first female self-made millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker. Oscar-winning actress Octavia Spencer takes on the mantle of the trailblazing haircare entrepreneur who made her fortune by manufacturing beauty products for African Americans. Revolutionizing black haircare, Walker fought racial and gender biases at a time when she didn’t even have the right to vote. Also starring Tiffany Haddish, Blair Underwood, and Carmen Ejogo, this mini-series celebrating a cultural icon and philanthropist has Emmy written all over it.
    Available March 20

    Ozark, Season 3

    One of the streamer's most anticipated new seasons of the year, Ozark returns with new episodes this month. Set six months after the events of last season, Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) are at odds with regard to how they should maintain control. The situation doesn't get any easier when Wendy’s brother comes to town. Meanwhile, Ruth (Julia Garner) is realizing the true costs that come with participating in a money laundering enterprise.
    Available March 27

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