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Stephen Colbert Celebrates the Raid on Mar-a-Lago: 'It's Christmas'

Trevor Noah also cheered the news on his show Tuesday night.
  • "It may be hot outside, but in here it's Christmas," Stephen Colbert said Tuesday night, as he celebrated the FBI's raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort.

    Colbert opened The Late Show in high spirits, explaining, "Yesterday, we got the present we wanted: F.B.I. agents raided Mar-a-Lago."

    Although specific details about the search warrant have not yet been revealed, it has been reported that the National Archives and Records Administration was searching for 15 boxes of confidential materials Donald Trump allegedly took from the White House.

    "That's right, he's going to get taken down by the librarians," said Colbert. "They're coming for you, baby! They're organized, they know where everything is and you never know which way they're coming from because they're so quiet."

    Colbert wasn't the only one celebrating the news Tuesday night: The Daily Show's Trevor Noah couldn't help but take a few digs at the former president, either. Colbert and Noah shared Trump's statement immediately following the raid, in which he compared the situation to Watergate — a claim both hosts quickly fact-checked.

    "This is completely different from Watergate," said Noah. "For one thing, the guys breaking into Watergate didn't need to clean old ketchup stains off the documents, but the other big thing — the other big difference is that the raid was legal, alright. It was approved by a federal judge, approved by the head of the FBI, who by the way, was appointed by Donald Trump himself."

    "Well, first, Watergate was Dick Nixon breaking in on the law," said Colbert. "This was the law breaking in on a dick. Second, Watergate was an illegal burglary by political mercenaries called 'The Plumbers.' This was the FBI with a legal warrant signed by a judge because of evidence of probable cause."

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