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With 175 shows, Quibi is either going to be briliant or a total failure

  • Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg and CEO Meg Whitman offered a preview of their new "quick bits" streaming service that is aimed at smartphone users on the go, including a feature called Turnstyle that will allow viewers to flip their phones to watch programming in portrait or landscape mode. "Quibi is either going to be brilliant and influential to how we consume media, or we’re going to watch Hollywood and Silicon Valley shit the bed in a way that just not common in 2020," says Alex Cranz. "The new streaming service, dreamed up by Jeffrey Katzenberg, founder and CEO of Dreamworks and one of the architects behind Disney’s golden age in the early ‘90s, is a mobile-first platform delivering movies and TVs to your phone in 10-minute chunks. It can either be galaxy-brain goodness or incredibly stupid. Right now, I’m heavily leaning toward Quibi being good. The technology, at least, is extraordinary." Cranz notes that Turnstyle feature will allow different experienced based on your phone orientation. "One version is edited in landscape mode and the other in portrait mode, and the idea is the app seamlessly switches between the two, allowing you to control how you experience the story," says Cranz. "Done right, it could create a far more immersive and interactive experience than you’d normally expect from narrative content on a phone. It’s both positively gimmicky and absolutely cool, and I kind of hate myself for how into it I am."

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