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Why is Meghan McCain so polarizing on The View?

  • On YouTube, compilations of McCain's worst moments on The View have numerous views, while Jezebel does a weekly roundup of her comments. Which begs the question: Why is McCain so polarizing? As Scacchi Koul explains, McCain "is a rare example of a Republican who seems to desperately want Democrats, in particular, to like her. It’s not enough for her to merely be a conservative whom other conservatives like — which, considering her lukewarm stance on Trump, doesn’t appear to be the case anyway. She wants Democrats, liberals, progressives, and anyone to the left of her to respect her, even if they disagree with her. She appears to yearn for an idealized version of the world that right-of-center politicos like to pretend was once real: Remember when everyone on either side of the aisle could get along despite their disagreements over little things like access to safe abortions and whether we should be in a war? Koul adds: "Claiming that civility no longer exists in politics thanks to the rage and frustration of the traditionally disenfranchised isn’t a new belief, but regardless, it’s not going to get you many friends on either side right now. The mistake she makes — which ultimately makes her so vulnerable — is that McCain wants to be viewed as a reasonable, defensible, and respectable conservative woman who sometimes disagrees with her friends. In a way, she’s become the physical embodiment of the civility argument. And who wants to have that argument anymore?"

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