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Why is Amazon investing so much in IMDb TV original shows when it has Prime Video?

  • IMDb TV will offer free advertiser-based programming, but many think Amazon already has a free streaming service with Prime Video since it's included in the Amazon free two-day shipping subscription. "I think the best way to say it is, Amazon Studios is programming two services now," says IMDb TV co-head of programming Ryan Pirozzi. "A subscription service in Prime Video, and an ad-supported service in IMDb TV. And what that allows us to do is open up the aperture of people we reach. I like to talk about these two big groups of customers. We’re delighting Prime members who want more selection and are willing to watch ads to get it. And then we’re also delighting people that don’t want to be behind the paywall for one reason or another. I do think that these services should be complementary to one another. They will not feel the same." Fellow co-head of programming Lauren Anderson adds that just because IMDb TV is free doesn't mean they won't be going for premium shows. "So it’s funny, one of the things early on, when we were sort of going around and talking to creators and talking to the town about content, I actually spent time reminding people that shows like Mad Men and Atlanta and The Shield — all of those shows are shows that were launched inside of ad-supported networks and channels," she says. "So for us, being in an ad-supported environment does not at all change the ambition of what we’re trying to do. It doesn’t change the creativity of what we’re trying to do. It doesn’t change the talent we want to work with. So for us, no, I can say very, very directly, no. We embrace it. I come from network television. Those are some of the best shows that have been made. And those are the shows that audiences continue to love."

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