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Why House of Cards is a long shot to return for Season 6

  • Producer Media Rights Capital’s hopeful recent statement saying “our hope is that the entire crew will be able to reconvene when production resumes” doesn’t mean that production will actually resume, says David Zurawik. “The production company is like a gambler at the poker table steadily losing money, but staying in the game hoping the next hand will be the winning one that will recoup everything that has been lost,” he says. “If the player gets up now from the table in an effort to cut future losses, everything it has already spent and committed on Season 6 is lost. The reason I think the odds are long on Netflix buying into anything the writers come up with in the next couple of weeks is that brand is everything to the premium streaming service, and thanks to (Kevin) Spacey’s behavior, anything associated with House of Cards might already be toxic in the minds of some.”

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