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Showtime's Cinema Toast is a strange little anthology series

  • The Duplass Brothers-produced series uses footage from the public domain and re-edits and re-scores them featuring the overdubbed voices of contemporary actors such as Aubrey Plaza, Fred Armisen and Alison Brie. "In a world where stacked streaming platform release schedules mean we’re taking in a new series pretty much every single day, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by Cinema Toast," says Jade Budowski. "This strange little anthology series (produced by the Duplass brothers, of course) combines comedy with social commentary and some spot-on editing, and the result is something truly memorable. Each episode – all clocking in at under 30 minutes – does something totally unique, whether it involved some sort of harebrained scheme like the first installment, or elements of psychological thriller, classic horror, and mumblecore, as you’ll see in later episodes. With the help of such a star-studded cast, the whole package really feels like a gift that keeps on giving."

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