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Rewatching I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is like listening to your favorite music

  • "The show, whose first season aired in 2019, invites, and even demands, re-watching, re-mixing, and rote memorization," says Rachel Syme. "Episodes clock in at only around fifteen minutes each—you can inhale both seasons in just over three hours—giving them a snacky, propulsive feel. I must have seen them all fifty times at this point, in part because Robinson ... and his co-creator Zach Kanin ...  know how to craft an impeccable sight gag. Nothing lifts my serotonin faster, for example, than a Season 1 sketch in which the Robinson character crashes a hot-dog-shaped car into a clothing store and then, standing in the rubble wearing a hot-dog costume, declares, 'We’re all trying to find the guy who did this. But, more than that, I rewatch the show so that I can later repeat it for pleasure, like a teen-ager playing the same song over and over in her bedroom so that she can belt it in the car with her friends. I Think You Should Leave is the only show I know that is infectious in this way. Robinson’s comedy gets stuck in your head, like pop hooks, because he makes a strange kind of music with language, bending it with his own idiosyncratic phrasing and goofy alliteration."

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