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I Think You Should Leave Introduces the Ultimate 'Here for the Wrong Reasons' Guy

Tim Robinson toys with reality dating show tropes in one of Season 3's best sketches.
  • Tim Robinson in I Think You Should Leave Season 3 (Photos: Netflix/Primetimer graphic)
    Tim Robinson in I Think You Should Leave Season 3 (Photos: Netflix/Primetimer graphic)

    Wake up babe, new "here for the wrong reasons guy" just dropped — into the water on a zip line, that is.

    I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson has always understood the value of a good game show spoof (Tim Robinson is an Saturday Night Live alum, after all) but in Season 3, the sketch comedy makes its first foray into the world of reality dating. In "Summer Loving" (Season 3, Episode 1), Robinson plays Ronnie, a dating show contestant who becomes infatuated with the zip line over the mansion's picturesque pool, rather than the woman he's supposed to be courting, Megan (Jessica Parker Kennedy). Ronnie's obsession draws on a well-known trope in the genre — the participant who's not "here for the right reasons" — and takes it to the extreme, resulting in one of the season's funniest sketches.

    Ronnie's attraction to the zip line is first hinted at in the dating show's glossy intro. As the 24 men hoping to turn a summer fling into something more (a premise that's already better developed than many shows currently on TV) flex their muscles and flirt with Megan, Ronnie can be seen in the background gliding through the air and flopping into the pool below. When the "episode" cuts back to the elimination ceremony, Ronnie finds himself on the chopping block, and Megan addresses their lack of connection: "I feel like you're just here for the zip line," she says, clearly exasperated. "All you do all day is go on the zip line."

    A dramatically-scored montage reinforces Megan's point. At a luau cocktail mixer, the men don Hawaiian shirts and fight for time with the Bachelorette stand-in, while Ronnie, in a full-coverage rash guard and baggy swim trunks, rides the zip line into the pool, over and over again. Robinson's face reflects the seriousness with which Ronnie approaches this activity. Even as his legs flail inches above the water, he stares straight ahead, as if a successful dismount (especially the one involving an 180-degree spin) requires every ounce of his focus.

    As Megan makes clear, Ronnie was already "reprimanded" for not participating in activities; he responded by eating "as fast as [he] could" during a group lunch and then running back to the zip line. (Another cool-toned flashback serves to jog viewers' memories of this incident.) To make matters worse, when Ronnie learned Megan "was upset about the zip line" he attempted to shift focus away from his behavior by spreading nasty rumors about his co-stars — a tactic he employs again when faced with potential elimination. "Megan, before you decide whether to send me home or not," he says, "I just want you to know, Carmelo said your face looks like a clock."

    When Megan dismisses his remark, Ronnie, who clearly spent the weeks before Summer Loving boning up on dating show strategy, makes one last appeal to her emotions. "I just don't want to go home. What's waiting for me at home is really bad," he says through tears. "When I get home, there's something I'm worried about about my life."

    Ronnie even pulls out the big guns: "I just really want to be here. I love you," he tells Megan. But his words come back to bite him when a final flashback plays, revealing that one hour prior, he told another man he "want[s] to be alone forever." Megan is left with no other option than to give Ronnie the boot, at which point he puts his hands on his hips and sticks his neck out, Popeye meets Yertle the Turtle-style. As is his way, Robinson plays up his character's cartoonishness, adopting a nasally register as he voices his discontent.

    Robinson's over-the-top performance drives "Summer Loving," but the sketch's specificity adds another level of humor. Dating shows are filled with people who are there for reasons beyond the romantic (short-lived fame and Instagram sponsorships are chief among them), and while it's unlikely that a contestant would fall in love with the mansion's zip line, it's not entirely out of the question. If that does happen — if we ever see a stone-faced suitor zipping through the air, their rash guard clinging to their skin — you can bet producers will be ready with a warmly-lit "farewell" montage, just like the one ITYSL gifts Ronnie later in the season.

    I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

    Claire Spellberg Lustig is the Senior Editor at Primetimer and a scholar of The View. Follow her on Twitter at @c_spellberg.

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