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Report: Some Netflix show creators are grumbling over getting lost in the overwhelming amount of content

  • Lately, Tim Goodman says he’s been hearing “deep background complaints” from Netflix show creators. “And it's been slowly increasing,” he says, noting that the grumblings could affect future relationships between Netflix and its show creators. “The gist is that the money is great to have but there's not a lot of promotion (advertising outside of the Netflix environment and exposure within it; because there's so much volume, press attention can be limited as well with advanced features and reviews). Some creators are annoyed (or hurt) that they don't get splashy premieres (and yes, that matters — particularly when all your episodes drop on the same day and that's pretty much the end of the hype). A similar complaint: It's easy to get lost on Netflix once the show airs. Others say the mysterious Netflix algorithms affect how much of a budget a show will get (for new and returning seasons) and even which actors need to be cast (meaning they're not exactly the ones creators want but they are the ones who will fuel suggestions to other series or movies in the Netflix archives).” This isn’t a sign of “impending doom,” Goodman adds. “But those are definitely cracks in the façade.”

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