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Prestige TV comedies tackled sexual misconduct in the past, but will the post-Harvey Weinstein era change their approach?

  • Master of None, Girls and One Mississippi were among the comedies that had sexual misconduct storylines pre-Harvey Weinstein, as Amanda Hess points out. But those storylines were more complicated, including a focus on “the bystander’s predicament” when it comes to sexual harassment. “It seems unlikely that these more fleeting television moments would be scripted exactly this way today,” says Hess. “When the details about big-name industry abusers were still in the shadows of the popular consciousness, it allowed for some comedic freedom. Sexual harassment could safely be raised as a serious-but-not-too-serious offense, one that might allow for some nuance in the telling. But now that the grave details of abuse lodged against people like Harvey Weinstein have been made clear, they feel too weighty to play around with, at least for now.”

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