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Matt Amodio: "I have had romantic proposals since being on Jeopardy!"

  • "I will admit that it's been a little weird getting back to my regular life," Amodio writes in Newsweek days after finishing a 38-game winning streak. "I had been doing school work and Jeopardy! for several months; it was busy and stressful. But now that I have half of that load off, it feels a little different. I'm still busy but I do miss seeing myself on national TV every night! I'm fortunate enough to be famous for doing well on the smartest television show in the world, there are things I wouldn't want to be famous for. Being famous for this is just fantastic." He adds: "It has also been really strange having fans of any kind, and pretty significant fans as it turns out!...I have had romantic proposals since being on Jeopardy! I've had a lot of messages asking me out, but I don't think when they come via Twitter they really count. The first two I would say were funny jokes, and I thought it was silly. But there have been a lot since, and I don't know exactly how to interact with those. I'm single at the moment and I hope that perhaps having been on Jeopardy! will make my life in the dating sphere a little easier! But I'm also decompressing a little bit from my Jeopardy! experience and so dating will be a post-Jeopardy! undertaking."

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