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Larry David discusses social distancing, hating hoarders getting mad at Trump's briefings and his dislike for Tiger King

  • The New York Times' Maureen Dowd caught up with David, who is barricaded in his Pacific Palisades home amid the coronavirus quarantine, living with his 25-year-old daughter Cazzie David, his girlfriend, former Sacha Baron Cohen Who Is America? producer Ashley Underwood, his dog Bernie (named after Sanders) and his cat. “No one gets in here,” said David. “Only in an emergency plumbing catastrophe would I open the door.” David said he's comfortable staying at home, but he gets mad watching the president's daily briefings. “That’s the hardest thing about the day, watching what comes out of this guy’s mouth,” David said. “It turns you into a maniac because you’re yelling at the television. All of a sudden, you find yourself screaming, like I used to do on the streets of New York, pre-Seinfeld, when I saw happy couples on the street...You know, it’s an amazing thing. The man has not one redeeming quality. You could take some of the worst dictators in history and I’m sure that all of them, you could find one decent quality. Stalin could have had one decent quality, we don’t know!” David does have something in common with Trump, though: they're both germaphobes. “This might be the only thing I’ve ever agreed with Trump about, we should put an end to the shake,” David said. “You know, we might as well end intercourse while we’re at it. That’s always been a lot of trouble.” Cazzie David said her dad is unlike his Curb Your Enthusiasm character.  “I guess this is kind of ironic, considering his character on TV, but he can’t stand having any animosity with anyone,” she said, adding: “He’s super against any self-pity. He thinks it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. So there’s no wallowing allowed, even when we were growing up. In the house, you’re not allowed to feel bad about yourself or be depressed. He just has no sympathy for it. So if you’re depressed or feeling bad about something, he’ll just tell you to take a shower. That’s like his cure for mental stress. And if it doesn’t work, he’ll be like, ‘Just take another one.’” Larry David said he spends his days watching Netflix's Ozark and Unorthodox, but he couldn't get past the first episode of Tiger King. "I found it so disturbing,” he said. “The lions and the tigers just really scared the hell out of me. They were going to attack somebody. They were going to kill somebody. I didn’t want to see them attack and those people were just so insane, I couldn’t watch it.”

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