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John Goodman's handsomeness is on display in The Righteous Gemstones that couldn't be celebrated when he starred on Roseanne

  • "Thanks to the magic of technology, every one of Eli’s scenes features a de-aged version of Goodman," says Kayla Cobb "It’s some truly great CGI work. Young Eli doesn’t look overly smooth or off like Henry Cavill’s upper lip in Justice League. But more than anything else, this choice highlights that when John Goodman was younger, we couldn’t appreciate him for being a smokeshow, because we couldn’t look past Roseanne. He was good, solid Dan, the sarcastic patriarch of the Conner household. He was a better written version of a certain kind of good dad, an archetype that’s lovely to watch but is rarely judged for its sex appeal. It wasn’t until Goodman’s later years that his public image changed. In the 2000s and 2010s, Goodman started to star in movies like Argo, The Artist, The Monuments Men, and Trumbo, films defined by complex, brooding, and eccentric men, aka exactly the side of side characters that would one day make Twitter swoon. By the time Goodman entered the world of potentially crush-worthy characters, it was too late. He was already older than the typical Hollywood leading man and defined by decades of people seeing sexless Dan Conner first."

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