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GQ’s “The Least Influential People of 2017” include Silicon Valley’s T.J. Miller and Stranger Things’ Ted Wheeler

  • GQ

    Wheeler is “the laziest dad on television, and thus he is my favorite character on the show by far,” says Drew Magary in his annual GQ list. “I aspire to give so few f*cks. He’s the best. I want a spinoff show where Mr. Wheeler just spends every episode reading his paper and being left alone.” As for Miller, Magary says, “you gotta be a real turd to get fired from one of the biggest comedies on TV despite being the best thing on it. But hoo boy, was T. J. Miller up to the task. He proved to be every bit as insufferable as Erlich Bachman was on that show, only with none of the charm. He trashed showrunner Alec Berg. He deliberately acted like an a**hole to ‘infect’ the news cycle. Oh, and he starred in The Emoji Movie, which makes him 2017’s greatest monster.”

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