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Euphoria is a combination of too many shows in one

  • "There are a lot of reasons to love Euphoria: You can come for the LGBTQ+ representation and stay for the sheer number of female leads; show up Zendaya’s endearing portrayal as Rue, stick around for the music; tune in for the make-up and fashion looks, but really tune in for the debauchery," says Madeline Ducharme and Nadira Goffe. "Euphoria is lovable because Euphoria isn’t just one show, but a lot of them. It’s a Russian doll in 60-minute, televised form, struggling to remain cohesive as it switches between them all. After last Sunday’s episode—the third of Season Two—Twitter user @blairsmani astutely pointed out that the bathroom scene in which Rue, Lexi, Cassie, Maddy, and Kat talk to each other felt like a crossover episode. But, at the same time, we’re supposed to believe that these girls are friends! Good enough friends to be a part of each other’s lives so that when they simply have a conversation, it doesn’t feel like a mash-up of completely different shows. Euphoria’s attempt to give us a lot means that well-deserving characters are given next to nothing." Ducharme and Goffe have divided Euphoria into a dozen distinct shows: "It’s Always Sunny in Psychedelia (aka The Rue Show)," "10 Things I Love (and Hate) About Rue (aka The Jules Show)," "Menace to Sobriety (aka The Fezco Show)," "The Bad Bitch Baby-Sitter’s Club (aka The Maddy Show)," "The Blonde and the Restless (aka The Cassie Show)." "I Don’t Want No [Scrubs] (aka Narcs and Recreation aka The Nate Show)," "I Love Lexi (aka The Lexi Show)," "Not So Insecure (aka The Kat Show)," "Three’s Company (aka The Elliot Show)," "Cal(l) Me By Your Name (aka The Cal Show)," "(No One Wins When the) Family Feuds (aka The Gia and Leslie Show)" and "Big Mouth (aka The Faye Show)."


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