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Election night 2016: Has any other event been so quickly and repeatedly mirrored on TV?

  • It's been exactly one year since Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential victory, yet television keeps trying to relive the night of Nov. 8, 2016, most recently on American Horror Story: Cult and Broad City. “While Obama’s 2008 election was historic, the shock of Trump’s upset victory makes it especially evocative fodder for our left-leaning pop culture,” says Rachel Withers. “There seems to have been an immediate need to memorialize it, even as its consequences are still playing out. And these depictions are still rolling in—while South Park and Saturday Night Live were able to recreate the moment almost immediately, shows with longer production timelines are only now getting around to it. But why are we even still interested in reliving the election?”

    TOPICS: American Horror Story: Cult, Broad City, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Trump Presidency