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Claws is the perfect summer show

  • TNT's Florida noir series offers frothy summertime fantasy that's perfectly suited for this time of year. "A breezily toned, darkly comedic celebration of South Floridian decadence and criminality makes it akin to a meaty paperback thriller you lazily read on the beach," says Angelica Jade Bastién. "Summer is a season for fleshy excess, drinks lazily sipped near bodies of water, laughter that flutters to the heavens, and the sheen of sweat from a hot day that reminds us of our bodies in all their humanity. Claws understands and leans into the tactile nature of the season, with the click of perfectly polished nails becoming an omen and the sweatiness of characters speaking to the lengths they’ll go to find a sliver of peace. It’s at once breezy enough to easily fall for and emotionally hefty enough to linger. But what’s proven most fascinating about Claws, especially in its third season, is how the show accomplishes that mood by taking typical noir traits and archetypes — the dogged lead, the lecherous casino owner, the mob boss, the consideration of money as both power and a prison — then putting them in a blender to create an uproarious, emotionally moving ode to women’s quests for autonomy."

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