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Christina Ricci's "comeback" is the best thing about Yellowjackets

  • "There is so much to love about Yellowjackets, the Showtime drama that has quickly become one of the true watercooler shows of the past twelve months," says Kayleigh Donaldson. "It’s an intriguing mystery of survivalism, gender roles, and trauma, with a fascinating insight into the physical and emotional grotesqueries young women are forced into during adolescence. For lovers of sinfully underrated actresses, Yellowjackets has much to offer, from Melanie Lynskey as the dissatisfied stay-at-home mom Shauna to Juliette Lewis as Natalie, the former burnout dealing with addiction issues. And then there’s Christina Ricci as Misty, the nurse who started the series as the outcast of the group and slowly evolved into something far more dangerous. It’s a great performance, a standout in a show full of them, and it’s also just so damn good to see Christina Ricci back in action. Like many notable actors having so-called comebacks in recent years, Ricci never really went away. She’s worked consistently in film and television for over three decades and you probably spotted her in something and had a ‘huh’ moment before Yellowjackets. She’s so instantly recognizable that it’s hard not to be taken by her whenever she appears. Oh hey, it’s Christina Ricci! What’s she been up to? Haven’t we missed her? Yes we have." Donaldson adds: "Ricci has a wonderfully caustic edge in Yellowjackets that feels like a natural extension of her best work from The Addams Family onward. You’re lured in by her petite exterior, the big eyes that seem so welcoming, only for her to unleash that smirk and let you know that the fun is just getting started...All the things that make Ricci unique aren’t the sort of feminine traits that mainstream pop culture is comfortable with. Difficult Women have made strides in the golden age of television but still lag behind their male counterparts and are more likely to be loathed than understood (hello, Skyler White.) Yellowjackets is thankfully unconcerned with such nonsense, which is one reason audiences can’t get enough of it. The ferociousness of Ricci, her deceptive genteelness with the flinty wit and untapped power, has never been diluted over the decades. Plenty tried and it’s a relief that they failed, and now, a new generation gets to understand why she matters so much. I can’t wait to see what she does next."

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