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Amy Schneider may explore a voice acting career after her historic Jeopardy! run

  • Schneider, whose 40-game win streak ended Wednesday night, had to take a demotion at work, use all her paid time off and take several unpaid days by the time she taped her final episode on Nov. 9. “I went in the bathroom, cried for about 30 or 40 seconds, pulled myself together and headed out,” Schneider says of her response to losing, adding: "It wasn’t just a feeling of sadness, there was a sense of relief. It was so exhausting.” Schneider still hasn't received her $1,382,800 check. Now she's considering what to do next. As The New York Times' Shane O’Neill -- who shadowed Schneider in Oakland last Friday -- reports, Schneider was concerned about how she wanted to sound on Jeopardy! “I’ve got a more feminine voice when I really want to, and I’d sort of been planning on using that voice on TV,” she says. But she ultimately decided that consciously altering her voice could affect her gameplay and chose to speak in her usual register. She’s proud of that decision. “Trans women watching can see me with my voice as it is and see me being OK with it,” she said. As O'Neill notes, "her voice had once been a source of dysphoria for Ms. Schneider, but now she is considering turning it into a career. She recently signed with the talent agency CAA and said that she’s interested in voice acting. She is also weighing a return to podcasting. She and her ex-wife used to co-host a “Downton Abbey” podcast, and she hosted a show about Moby-Dick and a tarot podcast called These Are Just Cards. Jeopardy! forbids contestants to appear on other game shows for six months after they are on the show, but after that Ms. Schneider is also open to more game show appearances, which could be well suited to her preternatural response time."


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