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After two weeks, Jordan Klepper’s The Opposition still seems to be struggling to fight parody with parody

  • The problem is that the characters Klepper is trying to parody, particularly Alex Jones, are too outrageous for parody. As Lara Zarum notes, “Klepper doesn’t (can’t? won’t?) commit to the character the way that (Stephen) Colbert did. There’s a perpetual glimmer in the comedian’s eyes, a wink that assures his undoubtedly liberal audience that he’s on their side. Whether he’s jocularly engaging in some ritual Hillary-bashing, oozing disgust for NFL players who take the knee during the national anthem or attacking ‘the failing New York Times, the Amazon Washington Post and the slutty Cedar Rapids Gazette,’ Klepper pays only dutiful lip service to the talking points of the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

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