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Adele is poised to have a TV special in time for the holidays

  • When Adele drops her much-anticipated first album in six years and day now, it could be accompanied by a TV special airing during the holiday season. As Vulture's Josef Adalian reports: "Adele’s camp has approached multiple networks and platforms about the idea of staging a TV special tied to the new release. No deals are in place, and talks are still in the exploratory stage. While our music and TV industry spies are certain Adele is strongly considering a TV event to hype her new music, what’s less certain is the form a special will take and where it will land. Adele promoted her 2015 album 25 with relatively intimate, pretaped televised concerts on the BBC and NBC in November and December of 2015, respectively. She could go with a similar format this time around, or perhaps shoot for something more ambitious, such as a live outdoor spectacle." Adalian adds that Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video are options, but so are the broadcast networks. "NBC obviously has to be considered a candidate, given its past association with Adele as well as the presence of Lorne Michaels, who produced her 2015 special and holds the keys to SNL, which is an obvious promotional platform for the album," says Adalian. "But Michaels can still have Adele host or perform on SNL in December even if she doesn’t do a special for NBC. As for the other U.S. networks, ABC’s Disney ownership would allow it to share any special with either Disney+ or Hulu, with the former being a more likely candidate given its broader international distribution. Disney+ could also pursue an Adele special on its own."

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