Ten New and Returning Shows to Watch on Netflix in July 2020

Stateless, Cursed adaptation, and the return of Umbrella Academy headline Netflix's July haul.
  • Yvonne Strahovski, Katherine Langford and the cast of The Umbrella Academy are among the familiar faces hitting Netflix this month.
    Yvonne Strahovski, Katherine Langford and the cast of The Umbrella Academy are among the familiar faces hitting Netflix this month.

    July is upon us, which means new Netflix offerings are streaming in, including the return of a classic true-crime and paranormal series, a new reality show from the creators of Queer Eye, several comic book adaptations, a Japanese horror series, and a charming Baby-Sitters Club reboot.

    Here are the new releases we're most looking forward to seeing on Netflix in the coming month:

    Unsolved Mysteries (Series Reboot)

    Netflix becomes the fifth platform to air a version of this iconic show, which first debuted in 1987 on NBC. Hoping to capture old fans and new, the creators of the original series have teamed up with the producers of Stranger Things, pairing nostalgic, signature elements with contemporary storytelling to depict real-life cold cases and accounts of paranormal encounters as relayed by journalists, family members, and detectives, connected to the cases, while offering up clues in a bid to have viewers help solve the mysteries at the heart of each installment.
    Available July 1

    Say I Do (NEW series)

    Between Love is Blind, Dating Around and Too Hot to Handle, we've seen a lot of Netflix reality series focused on the beginnings of relationships. Now they're setting their sights on the next step of the romantic cycle, with an up close look at the wedding industry. From the creators of Queer Eye, Say I Do helps couples plan their dream day with the help of three experts: interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini. Covering everything from the food to the venue, this show is in line with the uplifting vibe of Queer Eye rather than the competitive nature of Four Weddings or the schadenfreude of Don’t Tell the Bride. There's even a Say Yes to the Dress element when you factor a dream outfit into the heartwarming celebration.
    Available July 1

    Warrior Nun (NEW series)

    When Ava (Alba Baptista) wakes up in a morgue with a mysterious artifact in her back and a new lease on life, it's only the beginning of her journey into the world of warrior nuns and secret religious groups. Sworn to protect the world from evil, The Order of the Cruciform Sword have their eyes set on 19-year-old Ava. Juggling demon fighting with romantic teen drama, Warrior Nun is an adaptation of the '90s manga-style American comic book Warrior Nun Areala.
    Available July 2

    Cable Girls, Season 5B

    The Netflix Original Spanish series began its story in a national phone company in the 1920s. Across the five seasons, the Spanish Civil War has come and gone but the repercussions are still being felt by all. Finality is emphasized in the teaser trailer, revealing this group of women has one more battle left to fight before the period drama comes to an end.
    Available July 3

    JU-ON: Origins (NEW series)

    The Ju-On Japanese horror franchise has spawned 13 films in total (nine Japanese, four American) including the 2020 Grudge reboot starring John Cho. Now it's coming to Netflix in serialized form, presented as a supernatural tale with a real-life origin. A cursed house — the scene of a violent and rage-fueled murder — once more lies at the heart of this scary tale. Continuing a familiar story might seem like an easy choice for Netflix Japan’s first horror original, but the trailer suggests it's an effective and creepy choice.
    Available July 3

    The Baby-Sitters Club (NEW series)

    Based on the beloved book series of the same name, this new TV adaptation centers on a group of entrepreneurial middle-schoolers who turn babysitting into a business. Focusing on friendships and empowerment through this venture, the heart of Ann M. Martin’s stories (she's also serving as a producer) is intact, depicting an array of personalities and backgrounds within the group of friends. Following in the Riverdale casting tradition of scoring a teen icon for a parent role, Alicia Silverstone (Clueless) plays single-mom Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer.
    Available July 3

    Stateless (NEW series)

    Loosely based on the real-life case of an Australian permanent resident who was unlawfully detained, Yvonne Strahovski leads an impressive cast in this timely six-part limited series about the struggling Australian immigration system. Playing a flight attendant escaping a dangerous cult, she crosses paths with an Afghan family fleeing persecution, and a bureaucrat trying to contain this national scandal. Cate Blanchett co-created and stars in the series, alongside Dominic West and Jai Courtney.
    Available July 8

    Cursed (NEW series)

    A coming-of-age story infusing magic and mystery, Cursed offers an alternate take on the legend of King Arthur, asking: what if the sword chose a queen? Destined to become the powerful Lady of the Lake, Katherine Langford plays sorceress Nimue, who teams up with mercenary Arthur in a bid to find Merlin and the ancient weapon.
    Available July 17

    Oscuro Deseo (aka Dark Desire) (NEW series)

    If you're hooked on the Netflix acquisition-turned-original-series You, Spanish-language thriller Oscuro Deseo may help fill the gap betwen seasons 2 and 3. Prestigious lawyer Alma Solares (Maite Perroni) takes a weekend getaway to help her best friend get through a divorce. While on the trip she has a brief (but wild) dalliance with 23-year-old Dario Guerra (Alejandro Speitzer), which sets a dangerous obsession in motion. When she returns home to her husband and daughter, Alma tries to forget what happened, but this is only the beginning of the secrets that bind them.
    Available July 24

    The Umbrella Academy, Season 2

    Saving the world isn't easy, especially when one of the powerful adopted Hargreaves kids has gone off the rails. The family stopped Vanya’s (Ellen Page) 2019 apocalypse using Five’s (Aidan Gallagher) unique talents, but the consequences caused the siblings to scatter through time in and around Dallas, Texas. Spread across three years beginning in 1960, some of them have moved on with their lives, believing they're the only survivors. Discovering this is far from the case, they realize they have a lot on their plates, including stopping doomsday and dodging Swedish assassins.
    Available July 31

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