WATCH: Wendy Williams Almost Threw Up in Her Masked Singer "Lips" Costume

  • Wendy Williams was revealed as "Lips" on Wednesday night's The Masked Singer, and that means that Thursday's Wendy Williams Show had all the dish about the experience.

    She talked about the struggles with having to keep things secret, the first-class private-plane treatment she got, and her executive producer Norman Baker's surprise at the show's reveal.

    As for the Lips costume itself, Williams said "it was so hot I could barely breathe. It was so heavy, that's why I'm sitting on the couch. Also, I didn't know whether to throw up in the costume or go to the bathroom in the costume, because they're offering food, constantly bringing stuff in. I said 'no, I can't drink anymore, I can't eat anymore. Otherwise, something might happen!'"

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