WATCH: Tiger King's Rick Kirkham Thinks Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband, But Remains Her Friend

  • On The Netflix Afterparty's 2020 wrap-up show, Tiger King producer Rick Kirkham appeared to discuss the most talked about Netflix hit of the early pandemic era.

    "We are still Facebook friends. Even though she knows that I believe she killed her husband, she still stays friends with me," Kirkham said.

    That doesn't mean he was glued to her short stint on Dancing With The Stars, however. "I couldn't stand to watch. It was just too horrible to look at. My eyes, my eyes." 

    After revealing that Tiger King was such a phenomenon that he had to shut down his Facebook page and wasn't able to use his phone for five months, Kirkham said it would have been an even bigger deal if he had the Joe Exotic footage he shot that was lost in a fire. "I think people would've been fainting in the streets had I had the material that we originally shot for the reality show, but... it all burned up in the fire there at the zoo — the fire that Joe said I burned, the fire that Joe said Carole burned, that his partner John burned, everybody but him. Now, we pretty much know through the FBI who the real culprit was."

    Probably the same guy in prison waiting for Donald Trump topardon him.

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