WATCH: CBS All Access Previews Small Town Championship Football Doc Texas 6

  • Football is America's true pastime, but it's not often you see it played with only six guys on the field. That's how it has to happen in Strawn, Texas, a town small enough to have a 2020 graduating class of 16 students.

    They have a high-school team called the Greyhounds that competes in the 6-Man Football State Championship, and the new CBS All Access series Texas 6 follows the kids and their coach as they attempt to win that title for the third time in a row.

    Six player football is a faster, wilder version of the game where "a lot of times, somebody will score 100 points and still lose the game," which makes one wonder whether that makes it objectively better than the NFL-style. 

    Texas 6 premieres November 26 on CBS All Access.

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