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CBS All Access' Texas 6 gives Texas six-man high school football the Last Chance U treatment

  • "Just as Die Hard was hardly the first great '80s action movie yet became the template for countless enclosed-space-thrillers, Netflix's Last Chance U was far from the first football docuseries yet now it feels like every week sees the arrival of a new, very minor wrinkle on that formula," says Daniel Fienberg of the docuseries premiering Thanksgiving Day. "It's a formula that goes something like: 40 percent tough-but-loving coach with an appetite for colorful obscenities and an ooey-gooey emotional center; 40 percent players including (but not limited to) the established superstar battling injuries and the out-of-nowhere scrub who becomes a star; and 20 percent portrait of an inevitably struggling community that may or may not live or die for the team. In 2020 alone, we've had Last Chance U with cheerleaders (Netflix's Cheer), Last Chance U with inner-city high-school players (HBO's The Cost of Winning) and, still at the pinnacle, Last Chance U with junior college football players (Netflix's Last Chance U). Let's welcome CBS All Access to the mix with the eight-part documentary series Texas 6, which is Last Chance U for Texas six-man football — though I think it would probably reach a bigger audience if I tried saying that it's actually a nonfiction spin on Friday Night Lights as well."

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