WATCH: Lonely, Ladies? Samantha Bee Has a "Mandle" to Sell You

  • Are you a strong independent woman who's feeling a bit lonesome while in quarantine? Well, in this Full Frontal fake commercial narrated by Nicole Byer, you can get yourself "the musky scent of a man without any of the hassle' with Mandle: The Man Candle.

    "Thanks to Mandle, my nose doesn't even realize I'm single during a plauge," spokeswoman Samantha Bee says. "And it never gets upset with me because I haven't seen City Slickers."

    It's available in three scents: Woodsy Lumberjack, Spicy Businessman, and Aidan from Sex and the City. "Carrie didn't deserve him, but you do!"

    Be sure you check out those "all-natural ingredients" before ordering, though.

    Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs Wednesday nights at 10:30 PM ET on TBS.

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