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WATCH: Mike Myers & Dana Carvey Pimp Their Wayne's World Super Bowl Ad on Fallon

  • Mike Myers and Dana Carvey appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night and explained how their Super Bowl commercial for Uber Eats came to be. 

    "Uber came to us," Myers said, "because 'Wayne's World' is local access and they were doing this fantastic campaign about local restaurants... given what's happened in the last year, that's an industry that's just been devastated by the pandemic, and also, just as actors — they're related industries... most actors are waiters at some point... I was a busboy, and a lot of my friends in New York either work in restaurants or have a restaurant or had a restaurant, and they're supporting local restaurants. That's the whole basis of this whole thing."

    The pair apparently reconnected during the filming, riffing with each other as you would expect two of Saturday Night Live's most beloved veterans to do. While Myers poked fun at the hairpieces they had to wear by playing with the word "wiggery" in a very Austin Powers sort of way, Carvey managed to bring a little Johnny Carson back to The Tonight Show for a few moments with a bit about Carson trying to talk his way out of a DUI. You'll need to see that for yourself.

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